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Assured Realty

My family was part of the floods here in Georgia in the latter part of 2009. We needed to find a house right away, and so we didlittle did we know it was worst than what we fled from. The house was beautiful upon the walk thru and move in, then shortly thereafter we realized it was a ses pool. Upon move in we had given Vanessa Dunson the first months rent and security, the bank had closed so we could not get a lump sum of cash out of the ATM so my husband wrote her a check with explicit instructions not to deposit it, Vanessa assured us that she would not deposit the check (especially since she only goes to the bank on Mondays to make her deposits) we told her that he would go get the cash once the bank opened right after the holiday(New years)Saturday the 2nd of January 2010. Well we went to get the money and began phoning her about 9:30am, we called her every five minutes for two hours, NO EXAGGERATION. Well after the fiftieth phone call to Vanessa(again no exaggeration) she finally picked up we told her we had the cash and she said to us “OH I just deposited the check in the bank”, I was angry as I could be, cosidering we had pulled the money out so then there was just the money in there to cover the other bills we had. being that it was Saturday the bank close at noon, so then we would have to wait until Monday to redeposit the money. This was the beginning of a nightmare. We have dealt with vanessa dUnson placing rent checks into our file not knowing they were in ther because she didn’t want to read letteres from us about things that neede to be adressed in the house. We have dealt with the pilot light going out once or twice a week and not having hot water becaause the hot water heater is on the ground in the crawl space. Ww have dealt with our son being in the hospital suffering from asthma attacks once a week, and missing the last month of school, because the house is full of mold. We have dealt with raw sewage coming up thru every toiele, drain, sink and shower because the house sits on as Septic tank and it was full neither of which we didn’t know until then. We have dealth with an ant and centipede infestation. And we have dealt with our phone calls and email going unanswered, wehave also dealt with them spending our rent payments and lying o the owners saying they were using the money to make repairs on the house. Yes we are finally moving, it took us 6 months to save and find us a house that we are safe, secure, comfortable and healty in. SO BEWAR OF ASSURED REALTY IN CAROLLTON

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