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Assurance Wireless

I was in the free phone program.I moved but gut I guess I forgot to tell them so when it came time to recertify I didn’t get whatever I needed to recertify. So 1 day I suddenly couldn’t use my phone unless I paid money&when I bought minutes they were gone fast.I don’t even use my phone much except calling doctors&calling in refills to the pharmacy but I’ve been filling out applications on paper&online for about 2 months filled out about 10 applications everytime I get denied &it says the reason is invalid /unverified address .I’ve called&emaled them I don’t know how many times trying to find out why I keep getting turned down but they only just send me another application . I sometimes put my city as Kemp because my mail goes through there first but actually live in Seven Points Texas some of the first applications I sent in said Kemp&the ID I sent while applying was expired&said Kemp I believe. When calling in 1 time I talked to a girl that said if I get an ID that was up to date that has the address where I live now on it&send a filled out application with the address I live now ow on it they should stop denying me saying my address is invalid or can’t be verified .T he last person I talked to I could hardly understand all I could understand was something about application &recertifying &gave me some number.I didn’t know what it was for so when I put it in there site it said my application request has been processed &a application was on it’s way I’ ve contacted them by email they’ve asked me for information&I give it to them &they just want to send me another application I don’t know if it’s because I live in an RV park or they don’t know that there is a small town called Seven Points because they still have it in there system that I live in Kemp.the last email I was rude because it has been ridiculously hard just to get back in the program I’ve been trying over a month&it has me very stressed out


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