Arizona Grand Resort And Spa

This place isn’t worth your money or time.

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08 September 2019

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If you ever plan to go to Arizona and ever get a chance to stay at Arizona Grand Resort & Spa then don’t, because I don’t want you to go through what I went through. Remember to do some research if you are visiting any facility like Arizona Grand Resort & Spa because you wouldn’t want to regret your decision later on. Arizona Grand Resort & Spa is located in Phoenix, Arizona. They claim to have one of the best services which include spa center, fitness center, and an 18 golf course but since my visit, they have failed to impress me with their services as they are below average whether it’s about their professionalism, their room cleanliness or any other thing. They have disappointed me in everything. I want to tell you guys that if you ever think about to go there; reconsider your decision because you don’t want to waste your money. Most customers also had complained that they don’t care about their privacy and while my stay at Arizona Grand Resort & Spa I saw that around 4:30, the hotel workers came into the room without even knocking and asked the guy to leave the room or he would be charged. Well seems like Arizona Grand Resort & Spa don’t care about their customers and are keen to make their money. I definitely won’t stay here again because my check-in time was around 4 pm and I did not receive my room until 6 pm, and when I got one it was not the one which I paid for. Also, the room was not cleaned as it still had trash in the trash cans. This shows how the Arizona Grand Resort & Spa treats its customers.
Upon asking for the keys of the room I was greeted by a rude employee who showed no respect to me. The room I got was still not up to the mark but I minimized the stay for only one night because I can’t spend another one here as this trip was just full of misery and irritation for me. It turned out to be a nightmare. If I talk about food, it was also not up to the mark as it lacked in quality, the food was overcooked, and they don’t even offer you free complimentary breakfast so ultimately you have to buy it. The food was expensive also if we compare with other hotels in the area, even a small mineral water bottle costs very much. In my entire life, I didn’t think that I would be receiving these types of services from someone like Arizona Grand Resort & Spa because they claim to be the best. I will make sure that these scumbags have to pay for what they had done to me, they just destroyed my entire weekend and my mood and I don’t want to visit anywhere right now. I would like to tell you guys to think thousands of times before going there.

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