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These people are a group of scammers.

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08 September 2019

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Some clinics just claim to be the best but fail in delivering anything they claim. Among such clinics, Argus Dental Group wins the game. They are located in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
I usually do not go to dentists until I find a severe need for them. My child has inherited this and he does not like to go to the dentists at all. He had some awareness session at school and asked me to take him to a dentist. He was having some trouble so I was glad that he decided it on his own. Our family dentist was out of town and his assistant could not tell us when he will come back so I decided to take him to a different one. My husband searched for dentists and we finalized Argus Dental Group for our son. My son already had braces so he had to be handled a bit differently so that the braces do not fall off or something. We had witnessed a lot of good reviews so we trusted them with our son and we could not have made a worse decision than this one. At first, we were unable to get an appointment and when we did, a fresh graduate was asked to do the job without any assistance and my son was the grad’s first patient. The experience was not good at all. I am a freak when it comes to cleanliness and I was dissatisfied with their cleaning standards. The equipment seemed unsterilized. The dentist should be very calm so that he can comfort the patients too and when it comes to children, one must be extra conscious. But the way the doctor at Argus Dental group treated my son was unexpected. My son got nervous and the doctor could not do a thing about it. The dentist had to first clean the teeth and then change his braces. We were fine with the cleaning part but when the time for braces came, the doctor was unable to handle it. I felt like he is new to this field. Fresh graduates need the assistance of senior practitioners but my son was left to be treated by a newbie. It has been two days since the braces changed and my son is still in severe pain.
At the time of billing, my husband was shocked to see the charges. Just for changing the braces and mouth cleaning, they had charged us $1000. The dentist had prescribed a mouthwash and changed my son’s toothpaste too. These simple medications cost a fortune. The place is extremely expensive and the services are not even worth it. If somebody ever asks me about a dentist, I would warn them about Argus Dental Group. They bear no responsibility for their actions. They don’t even take their patients seriously. How could they let a newbie handle such delicate cases? He could’ve done some serious damage to my kid’s teeth. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only customer of this place who feels cheated. Beware.

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