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18 September 2019

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Aquarius isn’t the place for you.
I didn’t find the spiritual feel at Aquarius.
Psychic work at Aquarius hasn’t made my life feel free of problems.
No healer and spiritual healing in this place.
My experience didn’t give me what I paid for.
I sat in discomfort and had no peace and quiet and got noise and loudspeakers disturbing my peace.
No good energy and healing energy from Aquarius.
The unqualified teacher psychic doesn’t show what I expected from her spiritual healing at Aquarius. From the time I sat on the uncomfortable seat, I didn’t feel the abilities of the psychic.
The woman who claims is a Psychic hasn’t experience in her field. I don’t see any signs of healing powers or energetic healing from this woman. People don’t show the interest of what is the greater healing energy from Aquarius.
I don’t see the quality of psychic readers at Aquarius. The atmosphere is dull and there is no entertainment for clients to have the feel of healing and of growth.
Nothing affected me in a good way at this place.
In my experience, I didn’t feel a strong welcome in the room of healing and spiritual healing.
I won’t recommend anyone to have their reading at Aquarius. I didn’t feel positive, or happy in the room. The dull lit area looked haunted to me.
Aquarius won’t give you the best service nor the discovery of living with peace and understanding from the psychic. I didn’t feel what I should have in this facility.
The low stock of items doesn’t interest me at Aquarius.
No psychic help from this group has made me feel the magic they promise clients will feel, from their herbs and readings.
I didn’t feel connected to my higher self from the spiritual readings. It was a disappointment and unpleasant in a small room at Aquarius.
No good impression of a connection from me and my readings.
It isn’t what I had expected from this store.
I haven’t had the touch of optimism and a purpose at a place such as this one. It isn’t like me to have gone to a place of no positive vibes. It was a journey that didn’t make me feel what I wanted to at Aquarius.
Life experienced with people who don’t have a clue of readings, and spiritual being doesn’t give clients their money’s worth.
No perfect communication skills, no professionalism at reading and spiritual feel at Aquarius.
Sessions aren’t enjoyable and quiet.
Limited tools to work with and working at astrology charts isn’t clear to me.
I heard of psychic readings as a great ability and with professionals by my side. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel any of it. Physical and spiritual healing isn’t accomplished at Aquarius. I didn’t feel a sign of healing, reading or spiritual healing from positive energy at Aquarius. No change noticed of any type of healing from my experience. I felt negative energy and emptiness in the room of unknown people. Aquarius employs unqualified staff and isn’t suitable for business.

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