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Aqua Finance

Last year a salesman arrived on my door. Stating he had the newest in water purification. I listened to a 3 hour demo. by the end he promised that I would be showering in Aquafina quality water (after finding out my wife drinks aquafina). Also stated the system was used by Coca Cola. He also promised 8 years of free soap prducts, stating all the hosuehold soaps sold in stores were no good. He also stated the system would help with my sons Exima. After intense begging form my new wife i bought the system. I was able to notice a difference at first, but shortly noticed it was not working how it should. I was aslo told if I moved, the system could be moved to the new address by them at no cost. I recieved about 6 boxes of soap, with the remaining promised to be shipped. After several attempts to contact them, I have found all numbers had been disconnected. and no number to reach them at. The system was a $6, 700.00 doallar system. Needless to say I did not have the money. I was informed that I would be able to get the system for round 10% interest. I was contacted by the person who instaled the system, and found it would be at 17.99%. I was ok with this, Because it seemed like such a great system. Well about the same time I was not able to contact the company that sold the system, Aqua Finance had reaised my interest to 21%. They had also raised my payment to 2.2%. After several phone ccalls to the company, I am still at first base. Still confused. After a year of paying the minimum $136.00 month, I have only paid off about 200 dollars (started 6, 799, now 6, 500. This does not make much sense. they will not even tell me how long it will take to pay this off. After looking at the monthly statement i saw that I had $167 dollar finance charge. They changed my monthly payment to $143.00 month. To my calulations I am not paying off anything, I am adding 15 dollars to my balance every month. After asking for an explanation, they stated it was an estimate, but it clearly says FINANCE CHARGE on the statement. Any help with this situation would be great. I do not looking forward to paying for a system that does not woek properly, and i have to pay all this money for. Donald

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