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Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Review

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

I was an RN for Anthem for 2.5 years. Prior to being layed off 12/31 I was told that my spouse would be on medicare. He has terminal CA. On 1/5 I received a letter from Medicare stating that Daniel would not be covered until July 1st. I called Anthem to let them know. Also, Daniel has skin cancer and was treated 12/5 and his MD called to tell him that he needs to have a rather large squamous cell cancer next to his eye removed. Growth could cause vision loss. Dan is 57. So, I appealed to Anthem on 1/7. Anthem sent me an e mail that I could not open around 10 days ago. Even while working their secure system locks you out of it. I could not access the email after trying twice and then later when they wrote me back. I asked them to just mail it but never heard from them again. My main concern here is that I also dropped my daughter because she was no longer a student. Anthem has sent Kathryn numerous letters telling her she can apply for COBRA. Anthem did not send Daniel any such letter and on the COBRA sheet Daniel was excluded from having any insurance because I took him off prior to 12/31. I believe Daniel is being purposely ignored by Anthem because of his lymphoma cancer diagnosis 6/07. And, Anthem also purposely makes it impossible to communicate with them as their security system always locks out everyone. I had to deal with this for years. Seldom does it work right and so they are able to send you an e mail that you will never get but they have proof they sent it and they hold you accountable for it. That”s what DEEP POCKETS can do. I”m so sick of this country and the way MONEY is only for the WEALTHY and WE THE PEOPLE GET SCREWED, ARE TAXED AND FORCED TO BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR GOLDMAN SACS AND CITIBANK YET WE CANNOT EVEN AFFORD TO SEEK MEDICAL CARE WHEN IT IS NECESSARY YET THE WEALTHY NOT ONLY GET THE MEDICAL CARE THEY NEED BUT THEY NOT ONLY HAVE RETIREMENTS FROM OUR TAX BUT ALSO AUTOMATIC PAY INCREASES WITH THEIR RETIREMENTS AND CADILLAC HEALTH PLANS, WE NEED TO HAVE A SOCIAL REVOLUTION AND OVERTHROW THIS EXCESS TAXATION WITHOUT ANY REPRESENTATION.


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