Anne M. Causey MA LPC

She is very furious and disrespectful.

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09 September 2019

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I am the father of a teenager. Everything changes when you reach a critical age. The same happened with my child too. He was now completing his higher studies and I was really worried about him because he used to make himself busy with his social life rather than being concentrated on academic life. I used to make him understand not to use mobile phones for a long duration as it may hamper his studies and eyes as well. We always had arguments regarding this topic and I ended up shouting at him which made him sad and he used to lock himself down in his room. All these family conflicts made me very restless and I already was a heart patient. I was fed up with this and whenever I tried talking to him with admiration I became furious after a while. We didn’t talk for days and he wouldn’t pay attention to his studies too.
I decided to learn to control my anger for the sake of leading a happy life. I did a lot of research about the best counsellors in town and found out Anne M. Causey to be one of the best in the field of calming one’s mind. I made an appointment with the doctor immediately. I was appointed for the first session the very next day. I was given a certain time and was warned by the receptionist to be on time because the doctor was very strict regarding punctuality. Unfortunately, there was a traffic jam near my house due to constructional purposes. I was exactly 6 minutes late to reach her chamber. I went in and asked for the appointment I made last night to which the receptionist said that my appointment was overridden by the doctor and she called in another patient who had their chance after me. I had to wait for a whole of one hour because of being 6 minutes late. I made it sure to control my anger and not to make a big issue about it. Being bored during all this time I asked the receptionist that how much more time the doctor would take to which she replied in a very rude manner that it can be 10 minutes and also more than an hour too. I was told to stop being restless and go sit in my place until my turn came.
As soon as it was my turn the doctor went away for having her lunch, I requested her to talk to me first but she denied straight away and gave me a lecture for not being punctual. I could hardly control my anger now and started arguing with her for being rude. She too became furious and cancelled my appointment for today. I didn’t want to wait for my turn now, I came out of the clinic and decided never to come back to such wicked doctors. I am recently being checked by a very good counsellor who knows the best to calm me down. My recommendation will be to not get your appointments with Anne M. Causey.

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