Animal Hospital of Towne Lake

Negligent Doctors! Avoid at all costs

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11 September 2019

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I went to Animal Hospital of Towne Lake a few days ago when my adorable cat got very sick. I had to wait in my car for an hour in very cold weather. The girl at the counter told me I should have expected this since it’s a weekend. This was a ridiculous excuse as I had taken the appointment two days before my visit. Finally, we got our turn, The doctor told us that my cat had a urinary tract infection. She insisted on doing an ultrasound but unfortunately, the machine was not working so they took her for urinalysis. For this procedure, they had to take urine directly from her bladder so they told us that she should not pee for 8 hours. The very next day we brought her to the clinic, they poked my baby with needles so many times the nurse told me that they did not find any pee and she is empty. This was impossible and both me and my husband explained the same. They admitted her for 2 hours and kept her hydrated to receive some urine. Again, the nurse came up with another story she told us that our cat peed all over herself and they failed to receive her urine once again. I was enraged, my cat had urine inside when we brought her but they poked her unnecessarily with needles. My husband immediately drove her back home and they did not even bother to clean my cat when she was covered with her urine. After 4 days my cat was consistently throwing up and her condition was getting critical we had to rush her back to Hospital of Towne Lake and we could not take her to another hospital in this time frame as they had all her documents and records. For the next few hours, she was advised to go through many tests and our bill shot up to $1800. Still not able to diagnose they sent her back home. In the evening her condition worsened and my cat was trembling. She was not even able to stand or sit on her own. I called up the hospital again but they told me that they were closing in 15 mins. We took her to the emergency department and they gave her a pain relief medicine which again cost us $200. I was very scared and helpless, I prayed hard and I got to know about the life and death stories of other pets at this clinic. I took her to another doctor and my cat was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel disease. My friends had similar stories to share about this hospital and I’m disgusted to know that this place is still open. This needs to be widely spread to save the lives of animals. High cost and wrong diagnosis is one crime, but I would never forgive them for giving so much pain to my cat. They are a bunch of monsters.

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