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Heartless veterinary doctor and staff

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18 September 2019

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I brought my dog to Animal Hospital of Park Glen for his appointment this morning. Two or three of the specialists acted frightened and impolite. It was Doctor Mark who eventually checked and weighed my dog, Just like others, he was not sympathetic and gracious at all. I asked the lady Tina at the front desk area about obtaining a dog tag and filled out the form precisely as I needed the tag to show up. Later in the evening, I got a call from another tech, with an uninviting voice, who told me, that I could get my dog before 4 PM because he was acting a little restless after his surgery and would feel progressively good recovering at home. I arrived before the actual arranged time, as proposed and trusted that somebody will retrieve my dog. The lady at the front desk quickly went over the discharged paperwork with me. The tag I had paid for, she decided to not record what I composed on the tag form and left out relevant data. She had the egotistical nerve to state, “Is that sufficient for ya?” And then hurled it over the counter. I stated, “No! That isn’t alright. It needs to show CHIP #.” She was irritated at that. She additionally turned out to be noticeably irritated at whatever point I posed her inquiries about after-care, prescription, timelines of the initial dose, etc. It got to where she just talked over me while I was ASKING the questions! She had no manners at all! I at long last needed to state, “I am attempting to wrap up my questions.” She got progressively furious. She treated me like I was burning through her time. Later I had my doggy with me from the back, I could see his condition worsening every second and he was feeling very dizzy, when I inquired about it Dr.Mark was in no mood to see me again. Arguing was of no use, I decided to get the majority of the important data I needed before leaving for home. These individuals who accepted this sort of position acted like I was pestering them for carrying out their responsibility! I am an as of late resigned Army Medic. I comprehend the significance of treating the patient AND their relatives with certifiable sympathy, affability, poise, and regard. Regardless of WHAT TIME OF DAY IT IS. It should be like this for Vet Techs, moreover. If those certain Techs don’t “feel” like doing this, they should leave the profession and go to another field of work. Doctor Mark is not at all a respectable Vet Tech, Shame on you for being so inconsiderate to me and demonstrating that you did not give it a second thought. Concerning the majority of the others, you also carried on detestably! It would be ideal if they endeavour, starting now and into the foreseeable future, to regard everyone as if they are valuable.

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