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Anesthesia Business Consultants Review

Anesthesia Business Consultants

I was hired on thru a temporary agency and was told after 90 days I would have a permanent position as a receptionist/medical biller. This is inside one of the largest hospitals in Cincinnati. Well after 89 days I received a phone call telling me my services were no longer needed and not to come back to work. They would not let me go back and get my personal belongings from my desk, which included my ssn, drivers license number, banking information for direct deposit, etc. Well, I called the temp agency I went thru to get the job and they had been informed that all of it was mailed back to me, however this week a got a phone call from my bank (remember I had a check ther ethey told me to sign for direct deposit purposes once I was hired on) and it was passed at a Sears for $900. I also had six applications for credit cards applied in my name from the computer terminal at the hospital I was working at. I am now in a world of confusion and my accounts are frozen and nobody from their corporate headquaters will speak with me. I did file a complaint with the Attorney General of the state of Ohio and am waiting on their response, in the mean time I have had to get a lawyer. This is one of the most unprofessional companies I have ever dealt with and I will NEVER go looking for a job in a temp agency again, I hold both this company and Kelly Services liable for what has happened. I did some research on the company and foudn out they have over 700 lawsuits from former employees for similar stories as mine. I hope this will help someone out there…because if I wasn’t able to seek legal advice I literally would be homeless on the steet. And remeber this is a doctor practice…

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