American Sales Network, LLC

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American Sales Network, LLC Review

American Sales Network, LLC

If you see ASN on ANY job posting site – RUN RUN RUN!!! I called after seeing their number on Career Builder. First, they make it look like ASN is actually the COMPANY whom is HIRING people, they don”t even spell out the name they simply put in ASN, not American Sales Network. Second, I called and was greeted by the most fast talking rep I have ever heard, I could barely keep up. He gets me excited about what they will do for me, but the next minute says it”s a fee of $27 bucks. THEN – and ONLY because I grilled the man, did he disclose that an auto fee of an addn”l $20 buck would be taken from your debit acct ea month unless YOU call and cancell. So THEN after I agreed for some reason, he THEN tells me the total is actually $34 bucks due to “MY Area” happens to incur an extra shipping cost. I then found out that was a flat out LIE because he tells me a Sales BOOK would be sent in the packet, so that shipping chg HAD to be every STATE since it incls a freakin BOOK! Oh, and this book is part of a Sales PROMO that will cost me a DISCOUNTED amt of $65 bucks!! And again – I would have to cancel in order not to be charged. I told him NOT to send the book and he agreed but said there is still the shipping fee. So, right, an almost SEVEN DOLLAR SHIPPING FEE for an envelope of FORMS? I highly doubt it!! I then hung up and Googled ” Amer Sales Netwrk COMPLAINTS” and pulled up TONS of scam alerts and complaints. I called ASN back immed and cancelled the whole thing. I was surprised they didn”t KEEP some or all of my $$ – but the one good thing I can say about ASN, they let me cancel and refunded the whole amt. If you are still thinking of calling them – read some of the online complaints. ASN doesn”t work!

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