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American Host Motel Review

American Host Motel

My 7yr old son and I made reservations for Friday, July 25 and Saturday, July 26 at the Budget Host roughly around 10 pm on 7/25, and although we had confirmed both nights of our stay, he appologized that in error didn”t infact have a room for the second night, leaving us in a terrible position as it was a weekend in a heavy tourist area. Our room, room 43 was exceptionally small with very minimal amenities, and because it was the last room available, was directly over their living quarters. I didn”t think anything at all of it, until an hour into our stay the owner”s wife came up to complain in a rather rude manner that my son was walking too hard on the floor and ask that I make him “tip toe” I considered this somewhat unreasonable, as he was the only child in the room, and may not have been tip toeing, but certainly within what anyone with would consider normal. I apologized and told them that he would be in bed shortly. At about 12:20 am my son woke up crying because of a bad dream and said he missed home. I was working at putting him back to bed, but within literally 5 minutes the owner was banging on the door and got quite personal when he told me that I didn”t know how to properly sooth my son and literally asked me what kind of mother I was. He went so far as to say that his daughter in law was in jail because her mother didn”t properly tend to her when she was younger. Now I know this sounds exaggerated and obsurd, but he even went so far as to tell me he is ready to call the police. I assure you that I have never in my life seen anything like it. I told him that they were not allowing us reasonable use of this room and said that perhaps they should make this an adult only hotel or let guest know exactly what they expect when they stay above the owners, he at that point told me that he would credit my visa if we would leave because they live right below us and work “ungodly hours”, I agreed and when I noticed the charge still posted and called he told me that his wife would not allow the refund.

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