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Ameraco, Inc.

I was told they have an Investor network of 10, 000 “Active” members. You become a member for life. So I was wondering of the 10K members how many are still active. I asked for “Proof” of the active members based on the number of transactions being conducted on a monthly basis. The sales person would NOT answer that question. He stated that it would come from the accounting department which would need to be pulled away from their job to come up with those figures for me and they are too busy. I stated that surely a business that was selling it’s services of an active “Investor Network” would know how many transactions are being conducted on a monthly basis as well as the number of active member log-ins. I would expect he would have this information at his disposal. The sales person kept interrupting me before I could finish my sentences and then hung up the phone when I persisted in asking for proof of the systems success through the number of monthly transactions. I was not rude. I did not raise my voice in any way. I was simply asking for information . . . he insisted he didn’t have it and hung up the phone when I stated that I would not purchase a subscription to their service without this information. A successful company should be willing to divulge the number of -members logging in each month “active members” -submitted deals -successful transactions or deals purchases


  1. Janie Piccinini May 23, 2020
  2. Oralia Scibetta May 23, 2020

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