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I set up a wishlist, made it public just on the off-chance someone would be kind enough to buy me something. Under all the promises of being secure, and that I don’t have to reveal my address to the buyer, Amazon will maintain all that information, I publish the wishlist.I happen to check it and find something has been purchased. I check around and find who has and what have they received in their email… MY ADDRESS in the confirmation of shipment email.I get on to Amazon to complain about this breach of security, to find the best they can do is report it for investigation. I shouted, some unknown person now has my home address! Well we can at max credit you $5 for the inconvenience.In summary, DO NOT USE THE WISHLIST FUNCTION ON AMAZON ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE MAKING THE LIST PUBLIC! Their complete lack of security, privacy and confidentiality is sickening! I have a copy of the transcript if anyone would like to read it.

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