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Alvorada Dentistry Ruined my Teeth!!!

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date published
12 September 2019

posted by
Cameron Dee

If you ever think of going to Alvorada Dentistry then review your decision because you might be treated exactly like the way I was. Alvorada Dentistry is located in Gainesville, Virginia. Though it claims to have the best doctors and staff around since my visit I haven’t seen such thing like that. Their doctors suck who don’t know how to treat their patients as I had to go through utter misery during my treatment. Moreover, the front desk staff is rude. I think Alvorada Dentistry has a history of scamming their customer by false means. I am not the one who likes to write anything about a company or business because it’s a matter of their reputation but when they don’t care about the customers and respect me then I also don’t have any soft corner for them. I repeat don’t even think to go to a place like this. Alvorada Dentistry has got the worst staff since they only care to make more money. First of all, the customer service guy was rude and since I was busy on the day of my appointment I called them and got it canceled, I again called them a couple of weeks later to get it booked again but was being told that they can’t book my appointment, I mean you at least need to show courtesy to your regular patients and give them convenience. On the day of appointment when I reached the clinic, I was being told that no reservations were made under my name and then they tried to blame me for not calling them and confirming my appointment. Well since I had my appointment booked and showed the guy my appointment number only then he allowed letting me in. If this is the behavior Alvorada Dentistry pursue with their patients then these bastards have to surely learn a lot of things about customer service. Next, during the treatment, I was told that I have several teeth which need work. I thought okay, I believe them as I am their regular patient. I just wanted my tooth back which did not hurt before but after a year later I got chronic toothaches in 2 of my teeth which she fixed before. One was a crown and the other one was a front one. The doctor told me that it is not the one which they treated but I got everything with me, every proof and I will make sure that these ass holes have to pay for what they have done with me. The whole experience was a nightmare for me. The way I was treated was terrible and I believe I am not the only one who is a victim of this barbarity; there will be surely other patients as well who have gone through the same trauma from which I have. It only looks like that Alvorada Dentistry is interested in making money from their regular customers because they think that they will easily fall into their trap.

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