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No sense of professionalism!!!!!!!!!

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19 September 2019

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A massage can either be one of the most relaxing things in the world or completely the opposite of the relaxing. It is essential for a certified massage therapist r a masseuse to know the right spots in order to provide real release of stress from the client’s body. Nowadays, massages are becoming more and more necessary for people because of the mere fact that the lives we are living is hectic to say the least. In this fast-paced world, it is important to at least have an hour or two of proper relaxation for both the mind and the body and the best way to get that is by opting for a massage.
It had been a tough week at work and I decided to treat my physical as well as mental health with a massage. The only problem was that I did not know much about good places offering massages by a professional masseuse. I started looking online for spas around me which offered massage services and came across Alta Spa. After reading about the services offered on the website with assurance of a good time, I decided to go for it. I reached the place and asked the receptionist regarding massage services. The receptionist was not responsive at first because she had her earphones plugged in. I had to call her out loudly for the second time in order to get her attention. After talking to her, I was told to wait in the waiting room.
After waiting for more than an hour, I was called in to the massage chamber. Despite of all the good things said on the website, I did not find anything good as such. The massage table was dirty and too narrow. The room was in a total mess. I decided to stop thinking too much and lie down without overthinking. The masseuse came and told me to take off my top. I was a bit hesitant when he told me to open the strap of my bra but I did it anyway. The massage started. From the beginning, the massage was not comfortable. It took me some time before I realized that the stress instead of releasing was starting to accumulate. The way he touched me seemed really unprofessional as I knew the difference between being touched sensually and normally. For some time, there was a moment of relief but suddenly I could feel the pressure on my back. It was so awful that I had to actually tell the masseuse to stop. This was, by the worst massage I had ever received. There was no sense of professionalism or conduct in the masseuse. I could sense his sexual anger coming out on me. I got out of there as soon as possible in order to save myself from the horrible massage as well as the masseuse, about whom I do not how he got to be a masseuse.
I would not recommend anyone to go for a massage or any other service in fact to Alta Spa.

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