AlMac Buffet

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AlMac Buffet | Terrible food and overpriced drinks

I rarely take the time to respond to anything, but after reading “bobpic from Longbeach’s” review on AlMac’s Buffet in Niagara, I was incensed. There is no way “bobpic” knows what he is talking about. I am convinced he is somehow related to the owners or has not really been there. I recently went to AlMacs with my family for breakfast. The place looked very bright and friendly. The priced advertised in bright numbers looked very reasonable. I realize now that looks can be deceiving. I personally had no problems with the food. It wasn’t great but it was okay. My husband and two children HATED it. There was no variety and my husband thought the food really sucked. What I didn’t like was when the waitress asked us if we wanted the bill after only one round. I said we weren’t done but we were served the bill shortly after. But my big problem was when we were first seated. The waitress asked if we wanted any drinks. I just asked for some water hoping to save a few bucks but her response to me totally shocked me. Apparently AlMacs DOES NOT SERVE WATER, only bottle water. Where I come from, even dogs can get water if you ask for it. In fact businesses leave water bowls out for our four legged friends. Since water was not available, my husband and two kids ended up ordering juices, which I later found out after looking at the bill, was four dollars each! Can you imagined what our bill would have been had we ordered refills? AlMacs arranges it so you have no choice but to order their ridiculously over priced drinks. Needless to say we felt ripped off and thought they were very underhanded in dealing with their customers.My husband, who never gets upset over anything, ended up ripping up the bill and leaving without tipping. Regardless to say we will never go there again and felt so strongly about it that we considered it a public service to warn anyone who might think of going to think twice.Other comments I found on the internet: #23823

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