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Allied Cash Advance Review

Allied Cash Advance

My friend was a faithful employee for this company. She was there when her Manager was terminated and worked for the entire 2 months without any help. She same in early and stayed late. She never did anything to jeopardize the company, or extended loans out to people who didn’t qualify. During her 9mnths there, they hired another manager (she had the slightest idea of what to do when it came to her job) she was totally computer illerate…but they hired her. So she trained “her Boss” with no ill feelings. They restructed and was assigned a new District Manager. She was given her review by him and he gave her rave reviews. He said being that he hasn’t worked w/her and neither has the Branch Manager, he copier her info from her self evaluation. 2wks later, he came in an FIRED her for no reason. He said because she gave a RIDE to a past due customer!!! He said that we don’t loan to friends /family. She told him that this person was niether, but he didn’t care. He said to collect all your things and you have to leave. She said he didn’t give her any paperwork to sign, no way to explain anything. Even though the company condones FIELD calls to collect loan payments. I told her this is the most FOOLISH thing i’ve ever heard. No write up, no prior issues…JUST A SLAP IN THE FACE HARD-Work & DEDICATION doesn’t pay off

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  1. Brain Samora May 24, 2020

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