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Allegiance Moving and Storage Review

Allegiance Moving and Storage

I will start out by saying that their pricing was competitive and that is the only reason I am granting them a 1 star. Remember that’s an f in school. I made a move from ca. To tx and was starting a new position here. When I reached out to allegiance I told them that I was starting on 10/7 and that I needed to be certain that my delivery would be here on or before 10/6 and reiterated that it was of the utmost importance and they assured me that would be no problem at all because they called their carrier and he confirm that wouldn’t me an issue. Well it is now an issue!!! It is 10/14 and I still have no earthly idea when or if my stuff will be arriving, I called and called and called no less than 10 times and that is an underestimate and had no return calls from anyone. I didn’t get a call saying they were not coming. I didn’t get a call saying there was a delay. When I called the guy that packed me he said his part was done and there was nothing he could do. When I called allegiance no call back, when I called their carrier no call back and yep you guessed it crickets. I finally filed a better business complaint and guess what I got a voicemail, but now that I call back I cant reach the guy on the number he called from. Well in short if you don’t mind not know when your stuff will or if it will arrive then go ahead and pull the trigger with this place. At best they are just horrible and at worst literally criminal I will know that answer hopefully in the next few days as they don’t seem to feel its important to keep you up to date if they have all your worldly possessions and you have no idea when they are going to arrive after being more than a week late and care even less if you have any idea at all if they’re ever going to get around to delivering them. This company is a con and you have now been warned. They do not care about your stuff, your move, or your time-frames (even when they assure you that they do). All they want is to take your money and then it’s screw you!

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  1. Verla Scharbach May 23, 2020

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