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12 September 2019

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My experience at The All Creatures Animal Clinic was a complete “NO”. The way they treated me and my pet, was highly substandard. The environment and the attitude of veterinarians is meant to be welcoming and pleasing for the owner as well as the pet, but unfortunately neither was up to the mark, with rubbish and pet remains all around, and nor were the veterinarians ready to pay attention to the pet or listen to what the issue is being faced. My pet rabbit, Chunky, had watery eyes and a runny nose with some sneezes off and on since the last heavy rain. I decided to wait for Chunky’s all-time vet who was out of town for two weeks. My dear rabbit’s condition was going down day by day with sneezing episodes getting frequent now. I couldn’t see him getting worse so I decided to give All creatures pet clinic a try. I had heard good reviews of this pet clinic from a friend I had met at a usual monthly Sunday brunch. On Thursday I scheduled an appointment to see the so-called professional vet, Dr Sunny Pan for the next day at 5 in the evening. I clearly remember it was Friday morning when my pet rabbit, Chunky’s eyes wouldn’t just stop watering and he had been sneezing for the past one hour continuously. With me being stressed out I decided to rush to the clinic so he could get something to feel better. As soon as I entered the sight was a huge shock, with pets running here and there and both owners and the staff being completely ignorant. I gathered the energy just for my dear Chunky and went inside and rushed towards the counter with the basket in my hand. I waited 2 minutes as both of the attendants were busy shouting at each other for something that had happened. After about two minutes I cleared my throat to gain their attention but one of them just looked at me and rolled her eyes and again back to their business. I couldn’t help it so just went on with, “Hey, can I please see the doctor as my rabbit isn’t well” with them still staring into my face I further on said “It’s an emergency, I had an appointment for 5 but the condition was getting worse so I just came”. Finally, one started typing on the laptop and the other just walked away. Huh cold enough. Next ALIXA, what the name said on the name tag went on, “Oh you’re Ms Susan, with rabbit Chunky?” in a rude cold tone to which a nodded my head. “Wait, there’s no doctor on duty at the moment” she further replied. I went and had a seat, Chunky kept on sneezing and the eyes were watering bad. After around an hour, I walked up and asked the same person about the status and reminded it is an emergency to which she coldly replied: “Come with me”. My anger was at the most at this moment but I just resisted. As I entered the room the Dr Sunny was on his phone so I just placed the basket on the examination table and after clearing my throat went on with the what Chunky’s condition was. He still didn’t bother looking at me and after I was done didn’t even come to examine Chunky and just handed me a piece of paper. Without taking the paper, I picked my basket and just left.
I was very disappointed and on the verge of crying looking at my pet. Took him to another better clinic and decided to never come back at this place.

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