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What a terrible experience!

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02 September 2019

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When a person buys his first car with his own hard-earned money, the emotions attached to it can only be understood by another person who has worked day and night to get his or her dream car. Since my early days, I was fascinated by cars. The way kids looked at stars and wanted to become Astronauts, that was the way I looked at cars and made promises to myself that one day I too would own one of technology’s most beautiful creation. It took me almost 4 years to save up enough money to buy my dream car, an Audi. I still remember the day I went into the showroom to buy that beautiful beast. It was not an ordinary day. I along with my two of my best buddies walked proudly into the showroom. The moment I was handed the key by the manager, I could not control my tears. This is not just a story about how I achieved my dream. This is a narration of my emotions and how all of it was tarnished by Alko Tint Shop. I wanted to customize my car according to my sense of style. I decided to get it painted in gloss black. It took the car 2 days to be painted and delivered back to me. It was now time to get a set of tinted windows for my new car. Since I had feelings attached to my Audi, I decided not to hastily hand it to just anyone. It took me some time to find a good place to get my new tinted windows. I found Alko Tint Shop online and after reading public reviews, I decided to take my car there. The day finally came and there I was, outside Alko Tint Shop. It took me some time, standing outside in the heat, for a serviceman to take notice of me. They did not seem to be enthusiastic about their jobs. When finally a guy came over, I told him about my requirements and he told me that it would be taken care of. I requested him to give me back the original windows of the cars after their replacement with the tinted windows. He simply nodded and I took it as a sign of an agreement. I gave him the keys of my cars and asked him to take special care of the car to which I got no reply. I was told to come after two days. I thought about how the pricing of the place was expensive but imagining my car’s re-amped look, I could not think of anything else. After two days, I went there to bring back my car. On reaching the place, I could not spot my car anywhere. I asked the serviceman about it and he told me that it is on its way. When the car arrived, I stared at it with horrendous disbelief. The colour of the window was Maroon and not Red as I had specifically told them. The quality of the window glass seemed fragile and fresh scratches were apparently visible. Also, one of my old windows was broken by the shop and it was kept neatly in the back seat. All I could do was stand back and stare in disbelief. When I furiously asked for a refund, I was threatened by the people working there. I would never, in any condition recommend anyone, not even Satan himself, to visit that damned place.

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