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They stole $5500 from me!

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14 September 2019

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I came across this clinic through an advert. I saw them blabbing about their not-so-good or so-called ‘remarkable’ services on their blog. I have moved to this place a few weeks ago and was having a bit of tooth pain. I needed and Invisalign treatment too so I thought of consulting a new clinic for the treatment. After a bit of research, I decided to go to the worst clinics in the area named Alireza Khansari DDS, MSD. The bastards charged me approximately $5000 for the Invisalign and an extra $500 for the tooth pain. I paid for both but nothing feels different. The team of highly unprofessional and useless bastards gave me more pain rather than curing it. Never ever am I think of going to those retards, please. They will not take a second to think if it comes to money and the health of the patient. I have been their victim and this is my experience. I usually do not like to share such stuff online. But this time, I find it my responsibility to make sure everyone knows the real face of Alireza Khansari DDS, MSD. The doctor did not even know how to start the astonishing treatment. I found him searching for Invisalign treatment on the internet. Invisalign treatment saves you from wires and bands which are mandatory in the traditional braces. Unfortunately, the dentist was unable to understand the difference and started placing bands on my teeth. As I had been injected with an anesthetic, I was unable to make my point clear to him and he went on with the treatment. I was so upset about it. I made it very clear that my pre-molars were having pain so be careful about that and after the anesthetic, the dentist started teeth alignment treatment. This resulted in extreme pain in all my teeth and the pre-molars have pain that is intolerable right now. After making money AlirezaKhansari DDS, MSD they will not care if the patient has to bear pain or anything. Trust me they are just money-making machines who can blab about their equipment and latest technology. The dentists are unaware of the latest techniques and technologies. Even if you do not know about some new treatment, you can just say it that we do not provide the service rather than giving your patients more pain and earning bad reviews. I would not recommend the clinic to anyone. I demanded a refund or at least partial compensation for the terrible treatment I had received. After all, I didn’t even get any relief in the condition of my teeth. But these people are so arrogant that they didn’t even accept their mistake. I’m telling you, they don’t hesitate in putting the blame on you for their mistakes. It was the dentist’s fault that I didn’t see any improvement. But they told me that I wouldn’t have maintained proper hygiene and that must’ve failed the treatment. Avoid these arrogant idiots.

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