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My loan didn’t approve because of their error

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22 September 2019

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I learned that from my experience at the company.
I didn’t get the assistance and pleasant teamwork and the lengthy process is no pleasure for a person who wants to become a new homeowner.
No easy process to work with an unprofessional team. They couldn’t assist me in the documentation process and failed to mention I won’t receive refunds of my upfront fees. An expensive rate and no friendly staff to make clients feel positive about loan deals and agreements.
Teamwork is important for companies and in this company, you don’t get excellent services and perfect communication skills toward clients. It is of no good to me to recommend a poorly managed company, Aligned Mortgage. I didn’t feel satisfied with teamwork and every process I experienced here.
I see untrained and unskilled workers with no perfection in the client’s service. There’s no guidance for clients from teamwork at Aligned Mortgage. It is a frustrating process with paperwork from the company.
Decision-making is poor from teamwork. There’s no good of much here and I don’t believe in this company policies.
My first-time home buying experience has a challenging and unsuccessful deal from Aligned Mortgage.
I had no one assist me as I entered the office and people stared but didn’t bother to get off their seats to assist me in my needs.
Clients are a priority to the company, and I didn’t get that from this mortgage company. I had no contact with the team for weeks and that is unfair to me or any client. To wait three weeks for a call or an email update of the loan process is a terrible experience. I had to think of everyday issues of paperwork and the lengthy process of my loan approval.
There’s no client orientation and no communication to client of updated information. I had no idea of the agreement of loan deals.
Aligned Mortgage doesn’t deserve my positive feedback and I don’t have positive thoughts for this company.
People want their money’s worth and expect good communication and professionalism from a company. I got everything of a negative process and don’t feel happy with my results.
I didn’t experience anything great from this company. People at the company don’t have qualifications for their positions and this is a fault of the company. I received unpleasant conversations about the loan deals and no refunds of my upfront fees.
It is a regret for me to have gone to this company for assistance. My loan wasn’t approved from the poor management.
My experience is the worst I had with this mortgage company.
I don’t see a professional worker at Aligned Mortgage. In the same way, I feel disappointed with the process of loan disapproval.
I had no follow-up on updates and wouldn’t pass any good information to others when there’s none of it at Aligned Mortgage.
The loans at the company aren’t easy to approve and won’t allow me to buy my new home.

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