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AlarmForce | Awful company

We had our new AlarmForce system installed in July 2008. My wife was home during the installation and I had left instructions as to where I wanted the sensors located. On top of basic package we ‘purchased’ 2 additional smoke detectors, 1 glass break sensor and 1 door contact for a total of $361.20. (I put that in quotations because we really do not own anything.)The installer insisted on placing the motion sensor BEHIND AN INTERIOR DOOR which, if left open, would render the system useless. He came back and moved it (damaging our wall) to another location. In this position, the system could not be armed if our wood stove was hot! I finally moved the sensor myself (damaging the wall again – the guy used tape and screws) and have not had another issue.In October, the system said that there was a ‘low sensor battery’. That’s right, in three months a set of two lithium batteries had went dead in the glass break sensor. Then in December, the same error crops up again! The issue is that the system does not tell you which sensors are faulty! We did a test and three sensors did not report in! MORE lithium batteries down the tubes! Just this past month, I took a terrible coughing fit near the glass break sensor and set off the alarm! That wasn’t the bad part. I waited patiently by the AlarmForce box for the operator to come over the speaker. After a few minutes, I figured that they were not going to respond and went to brush my teeth. I had time to get to the bathroom and start brushing before I heard someone! Our latest AlarmForce pain came when our credit card company canceled our card in a security investigation. I remembered to call our heating oil supplier, phone company, cellphone provider, etc. but forgot to call AlarmForce. TWO DAYS LATER they mailed out a $21 SERVICE FEE notice because of the card being declined! Let me stress that they did not call us at all, just mailed out the bill. I called to explain the situation and was met with a very harsh attitude by their representative. After 20 minutes, I was able to have the fee reversed.The trouble is, I cannot get out of their service contract. Thirty months at $25 come to $750 that I just cannot throw away. I will have to live with their poor response and inadequate equipment for the foreseeable future.

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