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Akbar Barally & Sons

Please Akbarbarally&Sons at Mohamedali road, Mumbai. Please DONOT do cargo with this company!!! Since the past several years we have been doing cargo with this company . Earlier things were taken care by a lady called Madaam. The service was prompt and everything was great and not even one thing was there to worry about. Since sometime the management or whatever, seems to have changed. Its now handled by a guy called Juzer Ujjainwala. We absolutely regret having done our cargo with this guy. He’s the most Careless, and Unprofessional person! Everything begun from the first step itself . He told us to opt for the door to door service! We agreed and waited for him to send someone to collect our goods. No one turned up but after one hour from the time given to us. We had to call him several times before his man came finally! His excuses were ya i am trying to find your building, i am coming, i don”t have my bike ect ect Finally his man came and he was no where there and he came but with no weighing scale or cargo documents! As earlier he had told us ya don’t worry my men will weigh your bags at your place and make the documents, you can sign and pay him at your place. But when his man came he said i don’t have anything here you have to come to our office! We had to rush to his office! We had packed our cargo in big nylon bags, and he’s telling us ya i will put everything in my ‘special’ cartons. He’s telling give the keys to the locks. We were like why do you have to put it in cartons ? We didn’t have keys so he’s like ok if i need the keys i will call you tomorrow !and he never called !! Next step!!! He had a scale in his office which he said could only weigh upto 20 kgs ! Cargo company with a weighing scale of upto 20 kgs !! Our cargo included of clothes, dried food stuff, chips ect and vessels and embroidery and sewing stuff and branded bags and branded clothes all which we had asked him about several times and then packed. At the time when we had come to ask about rates and what can and cannot put ect he had said ya no liquids rest ya ya pack as you like, never mentioning that he will be repacking all our stuff. Like fools we spend on buying the nylon bags, locks ect of which the nylon bags he never sent us and since he didnt call us for the keys he broke our bags zips to open the bags!!hence he ruined our bags! Since beginning we were feeling very weird towards his careless attitude. He was talking to us, on phone, with his men all at the same time.nothing was organized. We still went ahead and got the cargo done as we trusted this company as we had been doing cargo with them for several years. When we asked him when the cargo would arrive he said 2-3 days, and they will call you take an appointment and come! We arrived, 3 days passed and still there was no news from his end. He had said he would message us!!! The next day we called him. So he’s saying yes see no for three days everything was closed in mumbai !!! White lie!!! I will do it and you will get it by friday or saturday. Friday came still no news no cargo no mess. We messaged him so he’s like yes your cargo had food stuff so its stuck at custom!! And this and that. So we told him we had asked you and then put everything that was allowed ! He’s like yes i will clear it and you will get it next week. Next week came and went and still no cargo! We had to make international calls, and be behind him like literally begging him to know the tracking number of our cargo our atleast what had happened of it!! His attitude was yes you will get it, yes in 1 day ya in 2 days. But all lies! Finally the third week the cargo comes, no call no appointment from their company, they drop of four big cartons at the security guards gate and go off!!! Alas for the door to door service we paid him for. We have to carry and bring them up five floors! The address on the carton mentioned is also wrong!! On opening theres no food stuff and many of our branded items our missing. We call him again and now have to yell at him, and still he says yes have patience !!! I will check and tell you!! Finally he messages that one box will come. When !!! At the end of the week the carton comes again, as usual without calling us no appointment taken, we are absent and his company takes it back and goes off with a notice stuck on the road which was fortunately seen by our neighbor and given to us, or else we wouldn’t have known at all! We call and we are told to collect it from their office, and we paid for door to door service!!! I go to collect the parcel and the guy at their end tells me his verification machine isn’t working so he cant give me the carton!!! Our stress and misery was unimaginable!! We again go after couple of days to collect the box. On opening, to our horror we find theres still alot of stuff like branded bags, vessels, sewing items, an expensive sanitary tap, souvenirs and clothes missing!! We call him the next day, so he likes theres nothing left, i will CHECKKK!!! We call him again to tell him we are sending him a list of missing items, so this JUZER begins to completely deny that anything at all is missing and says he’s sent everything and that you do what you want with your cargo and you have harassed me!! Look at the nerve of this guy!!! We have all the while been stressed, have had to physically carry all the cargo to get it at our place inspite of paying door to door, we had no information about our goods for 3 weeks, we have spent out money making international calls and literally begged for information. Who has harassed whom? Please we request you all DONOT trust this guy Juzer and his company AKBARALLYS & SONS. Not only did we loose so much expensive branded and other stuff but also alot of souvenirs which had emotional value to it! Which can never be replaced as its lost for ever!! Not only did we loose our money on the cargo, but also lost a lot of money on all the lost items and on international calls. We lost our peace of mind during that whole period!! Most CARELESS AND UNPROFESSIONAL man and company!

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