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Agency Insurance Company Review

Agency Insurance Company

I was rear ended by a driver insured by Agency Insurance Company (AIC). The tail pipe and bumper were both damaged on my car since the other drivers car smashed around it (it looked totaled to me). I explained what happened several times to AIC but that would not believe that the tail pipe and bumper could both be damaged in one accident. I sent them photos I happened to have of my rear bumper from a couple of months before the accident. Still, they would not fix the bumper. Ever time I talked to the agent, he had a different story for how it couldn’t possibly have happened that way. In their world, bumpers don’t get damaged in rear end collisions. There is an Allstate commercial where the man who is rear ended is relieved to learn that the other guy did not have a “cut rate” insurance policy. I think AIC is the company he was thinking of.

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