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Affordable Iron Doors Review

Affordable Iron Doors

If this helps one person and keeps them from doing business with this fraudulent, dishonest, immoral person it will be worth my time. My husband and I are building a custom home. We decided to use Affordable Iron Door for our front door based on a great price point and a guarantee for the owner, Gary Duncan, that our door would be delivered within 8 weeks or it was free. We put a 50% deposit down and were anxiously awaiting an update on status for our door. At the 7 week mark not a word from Gary. We inquired and were told that we had not ordered the door until 2 weeks prior? Hummm…our credit card was charged the day we placed the order giving us proof of order date, 7 weeks prior to the call. At the 10 week mark our home is through frame inspection and now has to be boarded up since Gary has not followed through on his promised delivery. We had no communication from Gary until another call is placed by my husband. At this point we get another story. Now our door was involved in the floods in China. Completely understandable if he had called us or emailed us or sent a sky writer…but he did not. The bottom line is through the 13+ weeks of dealing with Gary and his company we were never given accurate information. We have cancelled our order and have now had to go back to our credit card company to try to recoup the initial deposit.

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