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Aeria Games

I was harassed by community volunteers. GMs supported the harassment by doing nothing. GMs facilitated cyberstalking and the persecution of me. I sent in multiple tickets to be told that nothing would happen. Their idea of a ban appeal is a joke. The reason for a ban is only valid so long as the person doing the banning thinks so. They violated their privacy policy and their terms of service by allowing community volunteers to pretty much stalk other customers and monitor the behaviors/patterns of other customers. I”m sure AGE will argue that community volunteers are doing what they volunteered to do. In which case I”d argue what the hell are GMs paid to do if community volunteers do their jobs. My advice if you ever have a problem with this company here”s what to do: 1. File a BBB complaint 2. File an FTC complaint 3. File a complaint with the Internet crime complaint center (IC3) 4. Contact the General Attorney for the state they are located in (California) 5. If you live in the US, file a complaint with the General Attorney for your state as well


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