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They lied to me about my car’s condition

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18 September 2019

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I am not a person who is fond of writing reviews about any company especially negative ones because it could destroy their image in the society. But since they don’t care about their customers we should do the same with them. I needed to share my experience with one of the BMW dealers which are located in Houston, Texas which is Advantage BMW Midtown. I am extremely disappointed with the way I was treated by them as they lied to me. It seems like their only concern is to make money from the pockets of their customers without even delivering quality services to them. I recently bought a used car from Advantage BMW Midtown as they claim that the car was in mint condition and it had no problems and was perfectly fine. But all their claims went in vain when the car started to have some major issues with it just after a few months of the purchase. I thought that the issues were not serious because I had just bought this car so consulted one of the local mechanics in my town but later on, they turned into some big problems. This car had already cost me a lot and I have spent thousands of dollars in terms of replacing ignition coils and oxygen sensors just after I bought this car. The question is why is there a reason to sell a car which is not working and is not inspected properly. I last visited Advantage BMW Midtown for an oil change. And I was told that I require changing 2 gaskets, 2 tires, and the battery. I decided to take the car to another BMW dealer which is near my home just to have a second opinion about it and was being told by their technician that my car is old and had so many problems. The car was in the worst condition right now; the radiator was old and was leaking.
The hoses of the car were leaking also it looked like the car had not to get serviced for years. Also, my power steering was not in good condition as it was burnt and needed a flush. I decided to compare the reports of Advantage BMW Midtown and the other shop which I later contacted. I was shocked to see that Advantage BMW Midtown cleared my vehicle inspection test even though it had so many problems.
I decided to contact Advantage BMW Midtown on this matter upon which their manager showed rude behavior to me and told me they can’t do anything. They did not even bother to show apologetic behavior towards me not they were a concern to listen to my problems. Upon asking to cancel the contract and get my refund they completely denied it. I do not wish to visit such a place in my life again where you are not respected. Customers should be your priority and you should make sure to deliver quality services to them. Advantage BMW Midtown is filths so stay away from them.

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