Advanced Wireless (Cricket)

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Advanced Wireless (Cricket) Review

Advanced Wireless (Cricket)

On 7/29 I took a Cricket ZTE phone model #Z959 It had been inactive for about a year and in storage. I retrieved from storage O was using it over WiFi connection to play games text and even make calls with no problems whatsoever. My jobs changed and I was no longer receiving free phone. I went into Cricket store located on Academy and South Hancock in Colorado Springs CO. I paid $25 for a reactivation fee $10 for new Sims card and $40 for first month of service. Phone was activated by a young woman named Diaz she checked the phone out siad I was good to go. We left the store as it was closing she locked door up behind us. The phone was not working when we left the store I followed all the on screen prompts I reset the phone it would only work when I was able to sign onto WiFi. Today I went back to the store they more or less told me nothing I paid would be refunded or applied to a new phone I could not just pay for a phone and have same number and nothing would be applied to my new phone. I had been using a Verizon pre pay phone they would not give me the free phone for importing number. Prior to the last two years I have been a Cricket customer since 1996 and at times had more than one phone. I feel I should be refunded every cent. I was told my phone working and good to go. I tried to do evert possible to get at least a my month of service transferred to a new phone. If this is how Cricket treats customers I will never return to Cricket and I will never recommend to many Cricket. I will post to social media and post warnings of Crickets costumer appreciation on every socail media outlet I can find. I feel that I was ripped off and then told nothing we will do for you except take more money. I went to a Metro PC store told them how I was treated they gave me a new phone a much better than what I was asking for at Cricket waived the activation fee. I walked out of Metro PC with a new phone that 3 times the memory much better camera for $69 They were out of free phones and I had to pay $29 for $239 phone. I want my money back asap. Thank you for your time I am going to post a copy of this everywhere possible if I don”t receive a reply in 48 hours Anthony Pinnegar

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