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Advanced Info Service (AIS) Review

Advanced Info Service (AIS)

Name: Rosie Stewart Address: Unit 116, Building 3, Waterford Sukhumvit 50 Passport number: [protected] Mobile number: +[protected] Monday 6th August, I travelled into the city purposefully to go into the AIS store on 6th floor of Terminal 21 department store, to open a broadband account. Having chosen the new Fibre 4 package- I was told this package was only for local people and not for tourists. As I explained that I have been living and working in Thailand for 4 years and hold a work permit and other documents, I was still told I would be unable to access this deal. Because of this I simply chose a basic broadband package as none of the other deals could compare. I supplied my passport and the agent in store helped me complete the paperwork. I was told the earliest the broadband could be installed was be Wednesday 7th which I accepted at 10am. I was also told that I would recieve a call from an AIS technitian who would confirm the address and time of installing. Later that day I recieved a call from the agent in the store at Terminal 21 saying that my account could not be processed as there was a problem with the mobile number. I explained that I was using my partner”s mobile number (who I live with) and I supplied their passport number to confirm this. The agent in store said he would “sort this out” and call me back. I never received a call. I rang customer service at the call centre who said they would find out what was happening and call back. They never called me back. I called the number of the agent who contacted me from the terminal 21 store- he said he didnt understand what was happening and he would get the agent to call back. The agent never called. I then called the store again and was told that it wouldnt be possible to install the internet on Wednesday now, it would have to be Thusday. I accepted Thursday and again I was told to wait for a call from a technitian. I waited all afternoon and all evening and recieved no calls. I called the store again yesterday (Wednesday 9th August) and was told that an email had been sent from the technitians to state that they had tried to call me- but as I tried to explain- I didnt recieve any calls back from any of the AIS staf[censored] I was then told that they problem would be resolved. I spent an entire day waiting for a call, that never came. So I once again, travelled across the city to go into the store at Terminal 21 to resolve the problem. I waited in store for around 20 minutes and I was told that the technitians would definitely call to confirm the Thursday installation. I supplied the agent with a 2nd mobile number (for my partner) so they now have 2 possible mobile number to contact. I did not receieve any calls. I contacted the agent once again- he told me the agent would call immediately. A call came through to my mobile- rang once and cut off- there was noone on the line. I called back the agent at the Terminal 21 store and he told me he arranged the installation for Friday 11th August. I expained that Friday was no good as I would be out of town so the next possible day would be next week, which I could not confirm as I start a new job. This would be 8 days after I origionally been into the store. I am wirting this complaint about the service I have experienced- where false proimises are made and even the call centre doesnt call back on request! I am complaining about how my date kept being changed so I have been unable to use the internet for both buisness and pleasure- for 4 days now. I am complaining about the number of times a “technitian” was supposed to call and didnt and how noe- a simple courtesy call to my phone to confirm my address and telephone number, has resulted in me not having my internet installed at all. I would like this complaint to be resolved and I am looking for you to offer some compensation for this bad experience and unacceptable customer service I have received. I was signposted to AIS as being the leading provicer of mobile and internet serivces and right now I cannot agree with this. I have been messed about and lied to and in turn I have missed several business and personal calls and messages and I am having to rely on using the internet at a local coffee shop which is not appropriate. Please consider my situation, and i hope you can find a solution. Thank for for taking this time to read my concerns,

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