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Heartless people, not worth going

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22 September 2019

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Being a victim of myopia since childhood made it mandatory for me to visit eye clinics every six months. The doctor whom I had been seeing for the last decade passed away and I had no choice but to look for a new reputed eye clinic too. I did not want to go to any eye clinic because the treatment that I had been getting at my previous clinic was the best available. It was tough to choose a new clinic because I did not think that there was any doctor who could be as good as the previous one. Despite all of these thoughts, I knew that I would have to choose a new place, sooner or later and therefore I did not procrastinate any further. I started researching online for reputed eye clinics nearby. After days of surfing through websites of eye clinics, the only one that seemed okay to me was Advanced Eyecare. I scheduled an appointment since my semi-annual was due.
I reached the clinic early and sat down in the waiting room. There was no sign of the receptionist and thus there was no one to tell me where to go or whether the doctor had arrived or not. The receptionist was late. After she had settled in, I asked her whether the doctor was ready to see me as it was the time of my appointment. She told me that I would be called as soon as the time came. I went back to sit. While sitting there, I noticed a few disturbing things. A staff member scolded an elderly woman for accidentally bumping into her. The water purifier was not working properly and thus there was no drinking water available. A mother was shouted at because her infant daughter was crying. Just while I was thinking about the inhumane behaviour, I was called in.
I went in and saw that the doctor’s chamber was a complete mess. Lots of papers were scattered everywhere. There was an empty chair and I sat on it. I told the doctor all about my condition and showed him all my previous eye test results. He kept them aside and told me to sit in front of a machine which seemed like some kind of eye-testing equipment. My head was forced onto the chin-rest of the machine. I was ordered to stay still. I obeyed. After this, he poured 3 drops of an eyedrop which stung like hell. Moreover, he stretched out my eyes with all his might to keep my eyes open while he poured the drops. It was kind of barbaric. I knew I had a mistake by coming to that place. I simply prayed to God to end the session as soon as possible. Finally, it was over and I rushed out of there and headed back home. I vowed never to visit that clinic or doctor ever again.
Since I will not go to that place ever again, I would recommend you to do the same and stay as far away from Advanced Eyecare as possible.

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