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Adith Multilingual Services Pvt. Ltd Review

Beware of Adith Multilingual Services Pvt. Ltd

I would like to warn translators agains working with Adith Multilingual Pvt.Ltd. in Bangalore, India as the company proved to be unprofessional in their way of dealing with payment for the completed projects. Leaving mails unanswered and hanging up on translators calling to ask about their delayed payment is a common practise of employees and managemet of Adith Multilingual in Bangalore. Evading telling the truth and postponing already postponed date of payment is what you will have to deal with while working for Adith Multilingual. To give you some facts – in one month I called them 20 times. This means calling nearly every working day. I sent many mails, also the the managing director, but I didn’t receive any answers fomn her. I was never connected to Accounts to to the Managing Director when I requested to speak to her. I spent about 5 months calling incessantly and listening to lies. In the meantime online I found other translators who told me this is common practise for Adith Multilingual. Needless to say the experience left me bitter and now I am twice as much careful before accepting any translation work from anybody. And they still had the cheek of mailing and calling me in order to give me more projects. That means the quality was good, doesn’t it? I know it was. I take my work seriously and want to work with people who do the same. Luckily, there is not many agencies like Adith Multilingual.

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  1. Sherley Meneal May 23, 2020

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