Acura of Boardman

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Acura of Boardman Review

Acura of Boardman

Never buy a car from acura of boardman !! I bought a 2009 demo acura from them and they said it was never titled before and only the sales manager drove it. After the deal and the super rude, stuck up lady in there financing dept. I found about 10 slips in the glove box that they gave this car to people for a rental car. Since i live in pa the had to give me the check for the tax and title and they didnt deduct my trade so i had to pay an extra $200 to get it transfered into pa, And i never got that money back.Then to top it all off there was a tax rebate for a new car in 2009 so when i took my paper work in some where in the fine print they said it was a used car not a new one so i got screwed on that also.

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  1. Katelyn Merow May 23, 2020

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