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Gave me a car with a broken door

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22 September 2019

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At Action Nissan I didn’t get the best client’s services. I wasted my money on this company and regret buying my car there.
It was my first time purchasing a car and didn’t know what to expect from this company. I haven’t researched the company details and expected company staff to inform of important details.
The car of choice felt great, but the teamwork didn’t match the sound of car purchase.
The brand-new purchase had an instant problem with the back door it wouldn’t close. I called the company to make an appointment and they didn’t return my calls nor email messages.
I didn’t get value for my money and wasn’t treated as that valuable client. I entered the offices and anticipated a positive attitude experience, from the team. I got an unpleasant welcome and felt uncomfortable standing in the office and waiting for someone to attend to me.
This experience worsened every time I went to the office. People coming in and leaving as quickly as they came for car issues and payment issues. I realized I am one of those with car issues and don’t see professionalism in Action Nissan.
I experienced rude personnel and disrespectful staff and ignored their yelling and walked back to my car. It wasn’t a good feeling at the reception area and in the waiting room. I felt frustrated and stressed to wait on the team to assist me in the car problem. The back door won’t close due to the weakness of the rubber.
At Action Nissan, you won’t get professional teamwork and no communications from the team to inform you of car deal agreements.
I felt positive with the car dealer in the beginning but felt negative when I bought a brand-new car with a problematic back door.
It isn’t safe to drive a car when the door wouldn’t close. These issues don’t resolve itself and no quick fix to it.
It is a shame to get clients to buy a car and to give them the opposite of what advertisements claim the company does for you as the client.
Many times, I asked for updated information on car deals and got nothing from the team. I don’t recommend this company to anyone for good services. I didn’t get anything good from Action Nissan. This company is dishonest, unpleasant, unfriendly and isn’t worth going to for a new car or any car dealership. I wasn’t impressed with the guidance and assistance from the company
The terrible car services at this company showed me their untrained and unskilled team I worked with and don’t care to go back there again. I don’t want others to experience what I have at Action Nissan. People want the best services and at this company, you won’t find this service and won’t get what you paid for at the Action Nissan. I research for professional companies and advise you do the same. Action Nissan don’t deserve the best review from me. Everything I received from the company gave negative views.

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