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Their ‘paintless’ dent removal doesn’t work

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19 September 2019

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I took my car to a car wash centre last week, it may be convenient to take one’s car for an automated car wash but it is not the safest too, the cleaning process may result in accidental bumps which can happen while a car is through a conveyor belt. Something like this happened to me last week. My car went through the automated wash, which resulted in my car with dents and dings. I decided to get it repaired quickly. I had already heard of the paintless dent removal which is very advanced and takes a lesser time to be repaired. I searched for the best dent removal shops and found out the Ace of Dents to be the best the most suitable for my job.
I made an appointment with the manager of the place and went to the place before time as stated by the manager’s last day. The result was not good as I had to wait for half an hour before I could talk with the manager because he was not yet present. The manager soon arrived and I told him about the appointment I took last night and he told that I would have to wait because if the excess number of vehicles were already in line. The appointment made earlier did not benefit me at all in any way as I had to wait for more than two hours before my turn came. It was my turn when the mechanic took a lunch break and I had to wait for another half an hour. I complained to the manager about it to which he said to cooperate because they were humans too and it was not their fault too. It didn’t bother me much and I waited for the next 30 minutes for them to come. They finally started with my work and it usually takes a maximum of 40 minutes for the dent to be removed but the mechanics were not at attentive while doing their work and kept me waiting for more than 90 minutes. I requested them to move their hands faster because I was already getting late but instead of listening to me they started arguing with me. I finally went away to let them do their work.
They finally completed their work after long two hours and handed over the car to me. Their work was not well enough because all they did was pull out the dent from inside. This technology made a scratch every time after pulling out the dent and they didn’t even cover it up. Even after requesting them a hell lot of time they denied because they were only taught to pull out the dent with the machine. I requested the manager to fix the problem but also had the same answer. I couldn’t help but take my car away and had to do the paint from somewhere else. I regret going to the Ace of Dents because they were not good at their work and in the end, their work did cost me well with the paint job. Never take your business to the Ace of Dents. It’s a request!

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