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My wife and I have lived in Bonita Springs Florida for the past eleven years and in February 2017 we purchased a Chevy Equinox from a local dealer, Estero Bay Chevrolet in Estero FL. The supposedly new ACDelco battery in this vehicle failed on July 17 after being in service for only six months. The dealer replaced the battery under our vehicle extended warranty on July 17, 2017. On March 12, 2019 the car failed to start and we took it back to the dealer service department after jump starting it. They said that the would “test it”. After testing they said that it had “failed their test” and one battery terminal was covered with sulfate from battery acid and the dealer said that both the cable and terminal connector needed replacing. This battery was in service for less than twenty months before it failed and printed on the battery was the warranty with a statement of “free replacement up to 30 months”. The dealer refused to honor this warranty and when I called Delco customer support they said that the warranty was not valid because I did not buy it directly from a battery dealer. The service bill for the new battery and cable installation came to $448.30 which my wife paid with her VISA card. In my opinion, the ACDelco warranty is virtually meaningless since neither they nor GM will stand behind it. It should be noted that the premature failure of the battery caused the cable to corrode and could have cause an electrical fire or driving accident. I strongly recommend that “run to failure” tests be conducted on a large sample of ACDelco batteries in GM vehicles, particularly in elevated temperatures like we have in Florida. If this third new ACDelco battery fails again in less than twenty four months, I will file a formal complaint with both GM abd ACDelco. This is a quality assurance and possible safety issue which needs to be investigated. At minimum, I expect ACDelco or the GM dealer to reimbursement for the cost of the battery and labor. Sincerely, John G Gaston III

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