Acaiberry & Life Cleanse

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Acaiberry & Life Cleanse | Credit Card Faud

Ordered a free trial from a Rachael Ray website – postage paid by credit card of $4.08 X 2 to Beauty Sculpt and Health Focus – received samples of AcaiBerry & Life Cleanse – 2 weeks later 2 charges of $125.65 by Anti-age Access and Dermasolutions and 2 weeks after that 2 charges of $131.74 by Global Wellbeing on my credit card – I did not agree to any further orders of the product, I did not received anything after the trial product and I have no idea how all these companies now have my credit card to fraudulently withdraw money except through Health Focus or Beauty Sculpt. I will return the trial product unopened if necessary. I have contacted my credit card company to block any further charges but how do I know some other company won’t do the same (under another name – there are 5 companies now!! ) How do I get these companies to credit back the money they stole from me??

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