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They gave my dog a drug without asking us!

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11 September 2019

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Abby Pet Hospital is a very popular hospital located at 4508 E Aslan Ave, Fresno, CA 93726. Unfortunately; I had an awful experience at Abby Pet Hospital. I cannot say a single good line about this hospital. We had brought our dog here for years for examination, vaccines, and care and never had a problem until this last visit about 3 months ago. We brought our dog for care and bathing and they told me he had an ear infection. They treated, and we took medicine and they asked us to return in 2 weeks for a follow-up visit. I paid for care, check-ups, and medicines and I specifically asked if the follow-up would require an additional fee, they told me, no and my invoice stated 2 weeks of follow-up at 0.00. My husband took him for a follow-up. After coming back from the examination room, the nurse took him to the reception. The receptionist gave him the bill. They charged him $110. He showed the front desk the original invoice, and they ignored it and said he had to pay. When he was there, I called and finally spoke with Mark “the manager”. After a 10-minute telephone conversation, my husband walked out and Mark said he was not sure why the veterinarian gave the drug without approval but the dog needed it and they acted under the dog’s best interests. They were giving medicines without our approval; it was not a life-saving drug; It was because they were greedy and thirsty for money. I told the manager we had not approved it. No one asked us. Who knows how many other pets have given medicines without approval at Abby Pet Hospital. Mark, the manager assured us he would investigate and they would take action. I never once received an apology from a veterinarian. They did not give access to my dog’s records. Do not take your pet to these irresponsible people. My friend took her dog to Abby Pet Hospital for grooming. It was her biggest mistake. They did not allow her to see the dog’s groomer. The receptionist took her dog back outside the view of all the customers. The receptionist asked how she wanted the groomer to cut hair and nails. She described what he usually gets. Keep in mind that this was a Yorkie so there were only a few ways to cut hair and nails. She is not sure whether they conveyed the information to the groomer, or he ignored what she said.
The groomer shaved her poor dog. There were maybe 2-3 millimetres of hair left on him. They shaved the hair between his eyes. He was bald. She paid $50 for this grooming session. According to my friend, the prices are higher. Please do not trust them. They are not honest and reliable. They do not treat your pets well. Their customer service is horrible. Take it as a warning. I would say never take your pets to Abby Pet Hospital.

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