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22 September 2019

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The wedding of my elder brother was very near and I was assigned oversee to decorate the wedding hall and the garden. It was a very big responsibility for me and I didn’t want to disappoint our guests. Since it was the first time I was given such a big responsibility, I had very little idea about it. I started browsing the best decorating items available and decided to decorate the place with different types of flowers and balloons. After fixing everything and finalizing my decision I started searching for the best florist in the city who could do the best and impressive decors. Flowers were the best options and the most affordable one. I found out about A Beautiful California Florist and thought of them to be the best at their service. They had a pleasing webpage and all the positive comments made me choose them. I made an appointment over a phone call with the owner of the shop. They called me on the very next day to select the theme and flowers I wanted.
I went in and the place was already crowded and due to excess chaos, the surrounding was stinking like hell. I had to wait in the lobby for more than 40 minutes to talk to the owner. The seating arrangement in the lobby was horrible because they only had a couple of seats which were pre-occupied. I was wondering why I fixed an appointment when it took them 40 more minutes to get to me. The wait was over and I was already stressed out by the crowd and wanted to choose the best possible flowers available. I was in a hurry so I went inside his office without knocking on his door. The owner got angry and scolded me for not showing proper ethics and lectured me for another 20 minutes about ethics and manners. After his lecture being done, I told him the red colour theme and the flowers having a red colour to be put up. He agreed to my proposal and told me to complete the payment method and fix the date. All the procedures being done I went away and waited for them to arrive on their expected time after two days.
The wait was over but the members of the A Beautiful California Florist didn’t show up on the fixed date and time. I called the owner to get take updates from him regarding his men’s. He didn’t pick up the call, I tried calling them many times but every time there was no response from the other side. I get worried and had to go to the place for complaining about the complications created by them. I was shocked when the owner said that my work would have to be postponed for the next 3 days because all the workers are busy with other pending work. I was pissed off and had very little time in hand so I decided to cancel the deal and turn over from A Beautiful California Florist. Their poor management created a mess and I had to find another florist in an emergency. I would choose any other florist shop over A Beautiful California Florist because they don’t complete the work on the time is given.

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