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I would not recommend any human being to take their child to that place.

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09 September 2019

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In this world, perhaps the most beautiful thing is having a child. It is the most beautiful feeling in the world and nothing in the world can replace that feeling of holding your child.
I and my husband had been trying for more than a year to have a baby and by God’s grace, we were fortunate enough to be blessed with one. When I held my baby girl for the first time, I knew I could not love anyone, not even myself more than her. It was a feeling that I cannot explain and yet whenever I think about it I feel the same.
Samantha recently turned six years old. She had been having trouble understanding people lately and it got us worried. It seemed she was not being able to understand anything vocal. She was also not being able to speak properly. We decided to get her checked and after the check-up, found out that she had a developmental disability. We were shocked to discover it. We did not want to delay any second and decided to get her treated at a reputed place. After looking for some time, we came across A & J Behavioral Health. After reading the description of the place, we decided to go to the place and check it out ourselves.
The place seemed to be okay. After talking with the behaviour analyst, he explained to us that he would conduct analysis and by that provide therapy to our child. He convinced us by making us hopeful about the future.
Some behavioural tests were conducted and a pattern of therapy was provided which included several communications and understanding sessions. The therapy sessions started. In the beginning, the analyst was kind to our child but as some time passed by, he started being a little bit rude. I could not see him being so rude to our princess and so one day when I could not take it anymore, I told him quite sternly to be kind and encouraging rather than being rude and uncompassionate. The therapist got angry at this and told me to let him do his job properly. I did not want him to vent out his anger on my child and therefore I did not say anything further.
Months passed and there was still no sign of improvement. One day when I came back after using the toilet at the facility, I saw the therapist slapping my child out of frustration and cursing. I could not contain my anger and lashed out at him. I even slapped him for being such a filthy human being. I realized that it was not the proper place for any child to be at and took my daughter and stormed out of there. I also wrote a letter to the authority complaining about the therapist but no action was taken against him.
A & J is the most disgusting place in the whole world.

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