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They commit insurance fraud! Stay away

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date published
12 September 2019

posted by
Romano Iglesias

I recently had a bad experience with one of the dental clinics called 412 Dental. It claims to provide quality treatment to their patients but after my last visit there I have not seen any of the things which they claimed. The doctors are unprofessional and don’t know how to treat their patients. I just recently dropped one of my dental clinics because of 412 Dental and all I got was regret. I would like to tell you guys to stay away from such dental practices because all they care about is to make their money and nothing else. 412 Dental had great reviews online and most of the people were happy with their services and that was the prime reason on which I decided to visit there. 412 Dental on one side claims to use one of the latest technologies and methods to treat their patients so that they won’t have to go through misery but during my visit, I heard many of the patients arguing with the staff because they were not happy with the way they were treated. Most of the patients complained that they were in extreme pain and the doctor showed no concern about it during the treatment. I went there for basic cleaning and booked my appointment. The doctor came around a half-hour later and during the treatment, he told me that I had an unhealthy mouth and that’s why I require a deep scaling. I was also told over there that I had several cavities also for which they billed me with hundreds of dollars for deep scaling and x-rays. I was paying 412 Dental with my insurance. The office staff was unprofessional and argumentative with me because they billed a wrong insurance company and never billed the correct one. Eventually, I had to pay them through my credit card. The bill was humongous and it has caused me to go into a lot of debt. I regret the day I went there. You can understand my pain. These guys clearly lied to me about the insurance plans they accept. If I had known that I can’t pay them through my insurance, I wouldn’t have contacted them in the first place.
I called them to resolve this issue and just to let them know that I won’t be visiting them again upon which the lady used aggressive tone to me and said that she did not make a mistake as she does these things on daily basis. She was very rude and kept interrupting me on the phone and would not listen to me. I decided not to visit this dental clinic again and thank god I got a second opinion from another dentist who was very kind and gentle with me and told me that I do not have anything wrong with my teeth and they are fine. Clinics like 412 Dental are just money-making machines whose only ambition is to make money from their customer and nothing else. They don’t care about the safety or care of their customer.

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