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Worst administration and pathetic staff

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11 September 2019

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My involvement with 321 kiteboarding was not pleasant. I do not recommend this school to anyone keen on learning how to kiteboard for various reasons. It was my dream to learn kiteboarding for a long time now, and I was looking for a good school. I got hold of their number through a friend and called them. The person who took my call was very lazy and took a long time to work out my schedule which kept changing till the very last minute. The schedule of classes is usually made according to the weather conditions but he was not bothered about all these little details. Being a beginner the first day at school was horrible for me. Most importantly, the instructor here was worst to work with. He wasn’t knowledgeable or tolerant. He had me up and riding the kite on day #1 itself which was a waste of time. He did not know how to handle a beginner and did not give me any proper instructions. I went through more than a week in Cabaret, DR, and took another 5 days to get to that point after wrong ground guidance (they made a lot of money) but I gained nothing. Furthermore, the area at 520 slicks is not ideal for amateurs to learn. It has a lot of boat traffic, waves, and different riders. The water here is very profound and waves cause you to swallow unlimited measures of the seawater. The instructor took me to such an area that could have been life-threatening but he was not bothered about my safety. It does not spare a monstrous measure of time having the option to stroll to your kite when you crash it or you fall (which will happen VERY frequently when learning). The administration at 321 Kiteboarding is worst of all. The persons in the shop are not learned or proficient. They did not assist me with the majority of my inquiries, needs, and concerns. I bought a trainer kite from the shop but figured it was all worn out; it seemed they had a lot of used kites in their stock and did not have any kites in my size range. When I asked for replacement it was of no use. No one there was helping me figure out how to kiteboard and did not give a great deal of direction when it came to buying my very own equipment. They did not seem concerned about my learning and progressing, rather they were interested in minting money. They don’t offer taxi service in a nominal fee to help riders who need a little assistance being taken upwind by Jet Ski once a rider turns out to be generally capable with board and kite skills. I was extremely nervous and disappointed with one experience after the other. I cancelled the 3rd session and planned to quit taking these classes altogether as I had made no progression in the first two. I Regret going to this rotten place.

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