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I felt isolated and worse at this place

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19 September 2019

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I didn’t expect the terrible experience to come from the 2nd Chance Treatment Center.
A therapist for basic care and got nothing from this experience.
I waited two hours told the therapist won’t be in on that day.
At the reception desk staff wasn’t pleasant nor friendly with clients.
I didn’t wait any longer at the center. The atmosphere wasn’t warm and welcoming for me.
It is a drag to wait and for that long and get a negative reply from the staff members.
There is no plan and organization and the company employed inexperienced staff members.
Cheap labor and no skills to work at 2nd Chance Treatment Center.
Staff members aren’t attentive to clients and that disappoints me to see customer’s service last on their list of priorities.
Clients must feel a warm welcome and a smile. I didn’t find it at 2nd Chance Treatment Center.
This place doesn’t have communication, good manners, respect, and a therapist to attend to you.
I haven’t dealt with rude and disrespectful staff from other places. Here is no professional training to staff and the result is poor to clients.
I had a sore arm and needed a therapist to examine the painful muscles.
It is stupid of the therapist to give the wrong diagnosis to clients.
No skill in treatments and any medication prescribed to clients.
I paid 100 dollars for extra charges the insurance company wouldn’t cover for me.
I waited on the therapist who didn’t show up on that day.
Appointments made don’t matter at 2nd Chance Treatment Center.
The waiting area has clients in queues and most of the clients leave and don’t get an opportunity to see a therapist for examinations.
They didn’t apologize for all the negative events I experienced at the center.
The company isn’t worth my time and good energy and a waste of money spent at this unprofessional facility.
Emotionally bothered, I felt the need to visit the 2nd Chance Treatment Center.
I didn’t think the long process of paperwork will affect me.
Unfortunately, paperwork took weeks to resolve and stuck in this mess till the end.
My calls returned after a month and I was happy with the rules to abide by there.
I went from the facility feeling worse than when I had arrived there. There was no one to talk to and felt alone and troubled with strangers.
No communication from the outside world and this place aren’t for weakest or the strongest individuals.
I won’t recommend this place to people for their poor management and no knowledge of their job positions. They are rude and disrespectful of the needs of others.
Patients lack care here and staff members don’t treat patients with the utmost care and kindness.
It is the worst facility I have been to and don’t want anyone else to go through what I have at 2nd Chance Treatment Center.

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