Mark Duggan’s Assassination’s Motivation Explained PART TWO – UK Police… TWO OF STORY CONTINUES: On the one hand we have the old bill claiming that Duggan was a gangster and on the other we have his family saying that he was no such thing. And despite others still suggesting that the only reason that Duggan had a gun with him on the day that the Police DELIBERATELY shot him dead was to avenge his cousin Kelvin Easton’s murder, I think that it is safe to say that he was a gangster. Interestingly enough, Kelvin Easton was a rapper who performed under the name Smegz. The following is the first of two reports, the first dealing with with Eastons murder: Father-of-two Kelvin Easton, 23, was stabbed to death in a nightclub in Mile End, east London, on Sunday March 27, 2011. Kelvin, who lived in Gospatrick Road, Tottenham, north London, performed as a rapper under the name ‘Smegz’ and has several videos on Youtube including ‘My Life’. He was found collapsed at the bottom of the stairs at Boheme at 562a Mile End Road, Mile End, at around 4.30am. Kelvin was pronounced dead at the scene and a postmortem gave the cause of death as a stab wound to the heart. Twelve men were questioned by police before Warren Allen, 29, was arrested in West Hanney, Oxfordshire, on November 19 in a joint operation involving the Metropolitan and Thames Valley police. Allen, of Steve Biko Road, Highbury, north London, was charged with the murder the following day. He went on trial at the Old Bailey on September 5, 2012. The prosecution case was that Allen was one of a group of up to eight men who attacked Kelvin Easton and stabbed him four times. Jurors heard they believed Kelvin was involved in the stabbing of Warren’s friend Sean Blake at the club a few minutes earlier. Allen was also said to have held a grudge against Kelvin Easton after they were both arrested for fighting in the City of London on January 11, 2011. Allen did not give evidence but his lawyers claimed he was not part of the group which launched the fatal attack. On September 27, 2012, Allen was acquitted of murder by the jury. The case remains unsolved. Source The second report is from Wikipedia: Duggan’s cousin, Kelvin Easton, was killed in a nightclub in March 2011. Duggan was grieving for Easton, and some have suggested that Easton’s death may have motivated Duggan to arm himself. Family and friends denied allegations by police and some media outlets that Duggan was involved in drug trafficking.Photo: Kelvin Easton and Mark Duggan After his death Duggan was described as a drug dealer by the police and others, an allegation denied by his family and friends. According to Tony Thompson of the London Evening Standard Duggan may have been a founding member of North London’s “Star Gang”, an offshoot of the Tottenham Mandem gang. Unnamed police sources alleged via The Telegraph that Duggan was a “well known gangster” and a “major player and well known to the police in Tottenham”.Officers attached to Operation Trident had Duggan under surveillance; police stated that they suspected Duggan was planning to commit a crime connected with the death of his cousin Kelvin Easton, who was stabbed to death outside an East London bar in March 2011. Duggan was increasingly paranoid as a consequence of his cousin’s violent death. The Telegraph alleged that Duggan was bound to avenge the death by the “street code” of the gang. Duggan’s family stated the allegations against Duggan were “disinformation”, stating that he was “not a gang member and he had no criminal record”.Though in fact Duggan had been convicted of cannabis possession and handling stolen goods. He had been arrested on many occasions, for crimes including murder and attempted murder. His fiancée said he had spent time on remandPhoto Kelvin Easton Course, that story about Duggan wanting to avenge his cousins death might also just have been old fanny that the old bill put out themselves to help justify their murder of an unarmed man: The murder of Kelvin Easton was never officially solved despite several arrests. Little did I know that Easton’s murder would indirectly lead to the London Riots a year later. Easton was a cousin of Mark Duggan, and possibly members of the same gang. It was thought by the police that Duggan knew who killed his cousin and was planning revenge. It was one of the reasons the police were monitoring Duggan, rightly or wrongly, and led to to the police shooting him dead in Walthamstow. I don’t know how true this story is but I heard it a lot during the time of my project and its come out as well during the inquest into Duggan’s death. Part of me thinks that the police are having trouble justifying the shooting. But there is a certain logic to it. Not the shooting but why they were monitoring Duggan. The biggest thing I take from it is how everything is connected and how one seemingly violent but obscure event can lead to something like the tragedy of the London riots. Source There can be little doubt that Kelvin Easton was a gangster. And despite what Mark Duggans family say, the evidence suggests that he was too. Neither can there be any denying that he had the right pedigree for it, since according to the Telegraph – the British security services propaganda outlet – Duggan was a nephew of the Infamous Manchester Gangster Desmond Noonan: Police sources say Easton was a key figure in the gang’s hierarchy, a member of its elite Star Gang clique. With his death responsibility for revenge fell to his closest friend, his “god brother”, Mark Duggan, known by the street name Starrish Mark. According to his family, Duggan had left gangs behind and had not been in trouble with the police for nine years when he served time on remand for an unspecified crime. Others dispute this, claiming Duggan was a key gang lieutenant. Intriguingly his uncle was Desmond Noonan, a notorious Manchester gangster who once boasted of having “more guns than the police” and one of whose brothers, Domenyk, was arrested during rioting on Tuesday in Manchester. For several days before his death Duggan was the target of specialist police motorcycle surveillance teams and officers from Operation Trident, the Met’s unit tackling “black on black” shootings, usually linked to drug dealing. Source Dessie Noonan is of course the brother of Dominic Noonan, who was the subject of the film A Very British Gangster. The following is from Wikipedia: Desmond “Dessie” Noonan (8 August 1959 – 19 March 2005) was a British organised crime figure in Manchester of Irish descent who acted as a political fixer for the Noonan crime family. He and his younger brother, Dominic Noonan, were suspected by police to be responsible for at least 25 unsolved murders during their 20-year reign over Manchester’s underworld. Mainly because of the very dangerous contacts Desmond Noonan had made during his reign as “Britain’s number one crime boss” his family was at the end of the 1990s known as “one of the most notorious crime families in British history”. Tellingly, Noonan was part of a group who provided black gangs with guns and other weapons. Wikipedia continues: Control of organised crime in the city fell to Desmond and his brothers following the 1991 gangland murder of rival leader of the Cheetham Hill Gang, Anthony “White Tony” Johnson, whose murder he was charged with and later acquitted of. Over the next several years, he faced a number of convictions in connection to witness intimidation and jury tampering resulting in key witnesses refusing to testify against him and other members of the Noonan family. By the mid-1990s Desmond Noonan was known as an enforcer, a very dangerous and violent man and had links with a wide range of Britain’s underworld. In 1995, four years later, Desmond was convicted of violently attacking twin brothers, during which he was reportedly described by the court as psychotic, and sentenced to 33 months imprisonment. By the end of the 1990s the Noonan family had been linked to 25 gangland murders and dozens of robberies and had a stranglehold on most of the nightclub security in many of the UK’s major cities; they had also made over £8 million from bank robberies and security alone. Noonan also began to venture into the nightlife of many other cities to gain more wealth, and power. He and his brothers Damian and Derek started to acquire business interests in nightclubs in Liverpool, London and Newcastle. Desmond Noonan tried to do deals in other cities with their gangland figures, and was soon becoming involved with a number of crime bosses such as the Liverpool drugs baron Curtis Warren, London show-biz mock-gangster and reputed “friend” of the Krays, Dave Courtney and head of Newcastle’s biggest crime family boss Paddy Conroy. The strength and power of the family, in particular Desmond, allowed him to be a prime peacemaker in the Manchester gang truces which for a short space of time brought the war in Moss Side to an end. Other gangland figures participating in this truce were Paul Massey, Damian Noonan, Paul Flannery and apparently Jimmy “the Weed” Donnelly, who was a prominent figure in the Quality Street Gang, another Manchester gang. Dominic Noonan on his release from prison in 2002 became head of the Noonan crime family, after Damian’s death in 2003. Damian Noonan had died in a motorbike accident while on holiday in the Dominican Republic Desmond Noonan was last seen on the night of Friday 18 March 2005 drinking in the Park public house in Northern Moor, Wythenshawe at around 11:30 pm. Early on Saturday morning, Sandra Noonan received a phone call from her husband Desmond Noonan telling her that he had been stabbed. He asked her to pick him up in the suburb of Chorlton. By the time she arrived Noonan was lying unconscious in Merseybank Avenue. Sandra Noonan called for an ambulance, but Noonan died of his wounds before arriving at Manchester Royal Infirmary As a postscript to Des Noonan, his son, also called Desmond Noonan – Mark duggans cousin – was jailed for 6 years on September 24th 2013 for drug related charges. SourcePhoto: Desmond & Dominic Noonan But I seem to have somewhat digressed. So, to get back on track let me tell you that Duggan did indeed have a gun with him in the back of the cab on the day that he was shot dead by armed police officers. In fact he was in the cab because he had just specifically been to pick the weapon up. However, he hadn’t picked the gun up to use it to shoot his cousin’s murderer. In fact, he hadn’t collected the gun for himself at all. How do I know this? I will tell you that shortly. Moreover, despite what the plod who shot Duggan dead said at the inquest in October 2013; Mark did not have the hand gun on his person 15 minutes or so later when Roboplod assassinated him in cold blood. The marksman who shot Mark Duggan has described the ‘freeze frame’ moment when he thought the alleged gangster was about to shoot him.The experienced firearms officer told an inquest yesterday how he saw Duggan leap out of a mini cab after the vehicle was stopped by police.He said he saw the outline, barrel and trigger of a handgun when the suspect swivelled round to face him.At first the marksman thought Duggan posed no threat, but changed his mind when he saw him ‘move the gun away from his body’.Moments later the officer, known only as V53, shot Duggan twice.The father-of-four collapsed and died ‘within 10 heartbeats’.Giving evidence at the inquest into Mark Duggan’s death, the marksman said: ‘The world just stopped in my head. It’s like a freeze frame moment. The only thing I was focusing on is the gun.‘I’ve assessed that at that time he’s not posing a threat to me. I’m hoping he’s going to drop it.The next thing he does, he starts to move the gun away from his body.‘He’s raised the weapon, moved it a couple of inches away from his body.’The officer went on: ‘There is a line in the sand now. There is a tipping point… because he’s moved it away from his body I now have an honestly held belief that he is going to shoot me. Source Fucking liar… You know that the country is well and truly fucked when the old bill are up to their fucking necks in crime… And no, I don’t mean solving it.Now, if the investigative journalists report that I was sent a couple of weeks ago is not a fake – and it certainly looks and reads as if it is authentic – then Duggan was without any shadow of doubt deliberately murdered by the Metropolitan Police. You see, according to this report, the reason that Duggan had the gun in his possession was because, unbeknownst to him, he had been specifically despatched to pick it up with the deliberate intention of Trident police officers assassinating him in order to justify their squads budget. And because it was a set up, Duggan could not afford to be taken alive. Moreover, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Bernard Hog Howe knows that Duggan was assassinated… Mind you, he also knows that Lee Rigby’s murder was a play act, so I’m not surprised. Course, as I say, the report could be bollocks, but it certainly reads true to me. Therefore, I cannot stress this enough: If the report is genuine, then the old bill are far worse than the gangsters. And as coincidence would have it, just last week Sir Peter Fahy, a Knighted Chief Consable with the Greater Manchester Police was charged over the death of an unarmed man who was shot by police officers from within his force: A knighted chief constable has been charged over the death of an unarmed man who was shot by police officers from within his force. Sir Peter Fahy is accused of health and safety offences after Anthony Grainger, 36, was killed by police marksmen in March 2012. The unarmed man was shot during an operation by Greater Manchester Police to arrest suspected armed robbers. The senior policeman will not appear in the dock himself but is named on the charge sheet as the ‘corporation sole’ – or human representative – for the force. If the conviction is successful, Greater Manchester Police will face an unlimited fine. Source AN UNLIMITED FUCKING FINE! You really couldn’t make this shit up don’t cha know. Never the less, I’m straying off topic again. Now, despite all of the names mentioned in this report that was sent to me having been assigned code names, it didn’t take me too long to work out who is who, and who set Duggan up. And if I can work out who’s who, then so can you, so I’m fucked if I am going to publish the report in its entirety without censoring it. After all, it is bad enough that the government want me out of the way, without the Yardie’s joining the fucking queue… Just sayin’. Byyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.———————————————————- Immages: 1) Judge Keith Cutler Criminal corrupt as fuck cover up judge. 2,1) Mark Duggan as per the most popular immage plastered accross all of the papers every day for the year he was assasinated 2.2) Mark Duggan – the bottom part of the criminally misleading immage, where he’s posing in front of his dead child’s grave, with a heart, making his facial pose look in no way scary or inapropriate. 3) Winston Silcott Previously set up: WORST OF ALL EXAMPLE OF MANIPULATION OF POLICE AND COMPLICIT PRESS Winston had been kept in the dark, then had bright lights flashed in his eyes, and the criminals in the police station who’d been holding his hands up let them drop.

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