Dr. Norman Ramos (Norman C. Ramos)

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Dr. Norman Ramos - Be fooled not - A serial cheater who deceives & preys on women

A cunning charming manipulator to the core, who is a serial cheater and liar with no remorse. He is great at giving a “false persona,” the impression of being truly empathetic and caring. But the facade you see on the outside, has little resemblance to the reality behind this man. He preys on women by garnering their trust, seducing them with false promises. Norman Ramos has NO RESPECT for WOMEN! He has been constantly cheating on his wife for many years now. Aside from the women whom he had casual sex with, he had an affair with one of his staff at work and at the same time kept a relationship (another affair) for more than 10yrs. with my friend whom he has a daughter with. This man thinks he is entitled to play with other people’s lives, then it’s but time for people to know the truth about NORMAN C. RAMOS.

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