Luke Jamison Poff

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Cheater, liar, fuckboy, and user

Luke Poff of the University of Tennessee and Milligan College Soccer is a fuckboy, liar, and cheater. I had sex with him in September of 2017. He seemed like a nice enough boy at first, but really he is just good at pretending to be a decent person. So we continued to flirt and talk about the next time we would hook up again. We talked like on a weekly basis, and I planned to see him again in December. I didn’t know this at the time, but he started dating a girl. That month, he kept begging for me to come visit him and have sex again. He sent me a dick pic and told me how he needed him. I really wanted to see him too. But then he made a racist joke directed toward my ethnicity that upset me.. He gave a half-assed reply saying, “sorry I was a dick” but I wanted more than that. I told him that what he said was fucked up, but he just said that he didn’t know that. When I said that what he said was really racist, he blew it off. So I deleted him off Snapchat for a while.. Hoping he’d make an effort to make a sincere apology seeing how upset I was. He didn’t. I liked this guy and am a pushover, so I ended up readding him anyways in late December. He hit me up about sex again, telling me how much he wanted to see me. We flirted & sexted in Dec and January. He sent me videos of himself masturbating and told me how he wanted to do it again. I saw on his Instagram he posted a pic with his gf on Xmas day, and then pics of that same girl on his Snapchat. So I asked him if they were exclusive. He said they just started dating… BUT the pic was on Xmas! He told me they weren’t together at the time. So I wanted to believe him & wished him luck on his new relationship. But he would not have brought up the gf situation unless I asked.

In March, he hit me back up again telling me how much he missed me and wanted to have sex again. He knew I wasn’t okay with cheating b/c I told him before.. So I assumed he was single. We planned to see each other again.. And flirted every week or so. Up until May 2018, when I found out the truth. He was in my city, and hit me up. He said he wanted to see me, and I invited him over. He said he wanted to have sex again. But… he was weird about it. He told me he wanted to visit, but when I followed up, he acted clueless about why I was asking. It really upset me. Then I saw he blocked me on Instagram with no explanation at all. I asked him why, and he gave me no explanation and deleted me on Snapchat. At that point I realized just how cold and heartless Luke Poff was. I always had a lingering suspicion that he cheated on that girl. So I told her what happened. It turns out he was with her for the whole past year! Yes, the whole time he sexted me he was with her! He played with my head and lied to me and his gf the whole entire time. In the end, I realized that the reason he didn’t go through with meeting me in December and this past May was because he was with her and didn’t want to admit it. He lied to me about wanting to see me. Maybe it was for an ego boost just to see that he could get with me, Idk. All I know is that he is a huge liar and cannot be trusted.

tldr; I’m telling my story because Luke Poff is not a good person and the truth needs to be out there. He is a straight up sociopath and fucks around. Do not be fooled by his lies!


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