Maria Soto/Vonita Mondragon

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Cheater/Liar/Con Artist

I want to update my complaint from last time about this chameleon I use to associate myself with named Vonita Mondragon aka Vonita Cisneros aka Maria Adame aka Maria Soto aka Meli Soto aka Yonita aka Maria Mondragon. Vonita Mondragon now goes by the name Maria Soto in the Hickory NC and Morganton NC area because she does hair and nails for a living now after going through Cosmetology school she use money from she lied to and ripped one guy off for 28K she met in prison through a PenPal service for inmates. She also leached off me for about 4K as well but I was smart enough to let her go because I quickly realized had I kept associating with her I would of end up bankrupt and in debt. She just got off 2 years federal parole last month November 2017 and God knows what areas she will be in doing hair and digging in every woman mans pockets that will let her. One thing about her she never smiles because her teeth are rotten like her soul and attitude towards good hearted humans. Anyone that comes into contact with her will notice she never smiles she always has a smerk on her face because she is to cheap to spend the money to get her teeth fixed. Her family knows she is a crook as well and seem to condone her doing people wrong by lying and covering up her dirt tracks. Any man are woman that comes into contact with this demonic being please be advised and use extreme caution that she is out to rip you off without any regards for your family are how hard you worked for your money. She is by far one of the worse Mexicans I have ever met in my life. Just Google her name and multiple post come up about her from various people. I just want people to know that her name isn’t Maria Soto and that is the name she is going by now to hide from all the truth that has been exposed about her from multiple people. Sick, twisted, money hungry, greedy, heartless person is what she is, so beware and use extreme caution when dealing with her on any level. Hustling people out of money is a full time job for her. She will tell you any and everything under the sun to get a dollar out of you. Sad thing about her is she loves to use she is a Christian and going to Church as a way and means to gain your trust to get money out of you.

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