Andre (AJ) C.

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Andre (AJ) C. - The Cheater, Conman & Drama Queen

The real Fuckboy who likes to send his panty shots and dick pics to other ladies electronically when he already has a girlfriend, whom he stated a relationship with ever since moving to Grass Valley with his folks (in late July 2016)…. Do not trust him with money for he will take advantage and won’t intend to pay you back like he did to me. This is a sign that he’s full of bullshit when he can’t stick to or keep his promises. Much of what comes from him is dramatic, over-the-top or exaggerated. So, his judgment is not one to be trusted. As a silver-tongued snake, he tends to twist the truth, manipulate the situation to his advantage and not take personal responsibility for his wrongdoing or misconduct—always putting the blame on others and playing the victim card.

Any receiving of inappropriate or dirty pictures from him, particularly when unwelcomed, should be reported as sexual harassment.

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